Development of a governance structure for the integration of practitioner tutors into the HEI programme teams to include legal contract and guidelines on the use of HEI Adjunct role.

What was done

Governance improvements in the engagement of external/practitioner tutors were made based on the WP1 audit of HEI practices for engaging with tutors. The audit identified gaps in current practices and developed recommendations for improvements.

1. A compliant procurement process for paying company-based external/practitioner tutors via PO’s was developed and is now in use. New e-tender process has been established on (UL-only).

2. In UL, a comprehensive standard legal contract/agreement for procuring the services of external/practitioner tutors was developed, approved and is now in use.  (UL-only).

3. New process for contracting with hourly-paid tutors developed. (UL-only).

4. Two T+L induction/upskilling modules were developed based in the needs of external/practitioner tutors (WP4).

a. Essentials of teaching & learning (online)

b. E-moderation skills

5. A HR Induction briefing for all new external/practitioner tutors to address relevant HR policies, including mandatory GDPR and IT security training. [completed in TUS, to be finalised in UL].

6. New UL Guidelines/Policy and Procedure for contracting external/practitioner tutors developed. [to be finalised]

7. A formal HEI role title for external/practitioner tutors, to be added to the existing adjunct policy. [to be finalised]

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