Develop a best practice framework for integrating external practitioner-lecturers into the process of delivering flexible/online professional education programmes.

What was done

  • Comprehensive literature review undertaken of existing international frameworks that were considered relevant to the REAP project objectives.
  • The BLASST framework, developed in Australia (Harvey, 2014), was considered an excellent template for the REAP project framework objectives.
  • The BLASST framework was analysed and localised to align more specifically with the focus of the REAP Midwest practitioner tutor and the issues and recommendations identified during the Audit (WP1) phase of the REAP project.
  • Report produced documenting the rationale for choosing the BLASST framework and the localisation process within the partner HEIs to adapt the BLASST framework to meet the REAP project needs.
  • Adapted REAP-BLASST framework available as excel spreadsheet.

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